5 Apps You'll Like If You Like Candy Crush

Match up with one of these sweet games!

Bejeweled Classic

This is the essential match-three game. This game is jam-packed full of different modes to try, and can get really addicting! Try the 'Zen' mode if you're looking for a relaxing ride, or go to the Diamond Mine for an extra time-based challenge.

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Two Dots

Connect colourful dots into different patterns to reach your goal. New levels and new combinations make this game easy to learn but hard to master. It's a really simple game to get into - even your granddad could play it!

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Puzzle and Dragons

Match combinations of magic gems to fight your way through a dungeon. Unlock cool monsters and use them to get even cooler treasure. The game can get a little tricky, but has loads of depth and cool monster combinations.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest

Imagine Candy Crush with superheroes instead of sweet treats, and this is what you'll get. Destroy enemies by matching tokens together to activate powers. This game is for all fans of Iron Man, Black Widow, or any other Marvel heroes!

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Triple Town

Match together plants and buildings to create a miniature town. Block in the evil bears whilst leaving room for your town to expand. The game looks really cute, and you can unlock different seasons to change the colours.

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