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5 Games to Try if You Like Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Like Zelda? You'll love these!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 31st 2017

1. Ittle Dew

Stranded on a strange island, you must guide the adventure Ittle Dew through dangerous dungeons on a quest for fantastic treasure

2. Draw a Stickman

This a simple adventure game all about creativity. Draw your main character, your weapons and then adventure your way through a whole world, just like Zelda! 

3. Spiral Knights

You find yourself on an alien world - stranded, but not alone... This is a fun and free game where you can grab your friends and explore dungeons and caves to collect epic loot! 

4. Adventures of Mana

Smash together Final Fantasy and Zelda and this is the game you'd get! It's jam-packed with all kinds of puzzles, weapons, and spells.

5. Oceanhorn

This seafaring adventure is a must-play! If you like Zelda, you'll love this game and all of its monster, dungeons and hidden treasures.