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5 Outrageous Facts About Dogs

We definitely, definitely didn't make these up (YES WE DID)

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2017

French bulldogs have a flair for art

Give these crumple-faced rascals some paint and they'll amaze you with their delicate brush strokes.

Dachshunds love Ed Sheeran

In a poll, a staggering 98% of this sausage-like breed said that they own a copy of his new album!

A dog called Jeff invented the internet

This schnauzer accidentally created the world wide web while messing about with his owner's keyboard. That's what he told us anyway. 

Dogs are only allowed to play football once a year

It's a cruel law for soccer-mad labradors, who are considered to be the greatest players in the world.

Tiny, tiny dogs can't hear loud music

We played this pooch some sweet heavy metal anthems and it didn't even notice. What a waste of time.