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5 Reasons Why We Love Magikarp Jump

Here are 5 quick things that make the latest Pokémon App simply amazing!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 2nd 2017

A game all about the Pokémon that does nothing!

Let's face it, the only real thing Magikarps are good for is flopping around. But when you meet the Mayor of Hoppy Town, you find that everybody who lives here just LOVES Magikarps, and rather competing in PokéBattles, they have competitions for flopping around!

GamesPress | The Pokémon Company / Gamefreak

1. Decorate your pond

You get your very own Hoppy Town pond to keep your Magikarps in. Collect trinkets and items that help you train and make your place look awesome.

The Pokemon Company | Magikarp Jump

2. Familiar faces might turn up

It wouldn't be Pokémon without Pikachu, who is one of your first friends to visit the pond. This is the Pokémon version of Neko Atsume you never knew you wanted, with loads of Pokémon stopping by to hang out in your garden!

The Pokemon Company | Magikarp Jump

3. Level up delicious berries and training activities

Use the coins that you can either find in town or win in competitions and level up your training methods

The Pokemon Company | Magikarp Jump

4. Karp that you can collect!

The best part about playing Pokémon is the art of catching new and rare ones and there are so many different coloured Karp to collect!

App Store | The Pokémon Company / Gamefreak