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5 Things We Love About Fantasy Books!

All the reasons you need to start reading fantasy books like RIGHT NOW!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

They transport you into a another world!

One of the best things about fantasy books is that they can help you escape from exam or homework stress. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with school? Jump into a fantasy book and unlock a world of magic, fairies and fun!  

They're inspiring!

There's usually so many cool and amazing things happening in fantasy books that it can make you want to be more adventurous yourself! It might even make you want to imagine and write stories of your own! 

They have mythical creatures!

Because where else are unicorns and mermaids just part of your everyday life?! Fantasy books can make anything real! Whatever you can imagine can be put into a story! 

They expand your imagination!

Fantasy books are super awesome because they expand your imagination and spark loads of creativity! They might even make you extra great at thinking of story ideas or drawing pictures! 

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You'll be part of a world that only you and your friends know about!

If you and your mates all read the same fantasy books you'll be able to talk about the amazingness together! You'll all be in on the characters and words so will be able to chat about it and escape from boring school talk! You could even make up games based on the books you've read.