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5 Things We Love About Funny Books!

And it's not just that they'll make you laugh!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

They make you laugh!

Simple! That's what they're there for! There's not much better than laughing!

They'll cheer you up!

If you're having a tough day, feeling a bit sad or just super grumpy, reading a funny book can help snap you out of it! They'll make you laugh and smile and you'll be able to forget about whatever's going on for a bit. 

They'll make you funnier!

Reading funny stuff all the time with improve your own sense of humour. All the jokes will dissolve into your brain without you even realising! 

They'll give you jokes to tell your friends!

You'll get to read loads of hilarious jokes you can remember and tell  your friends at school! You'll have them all LOLING! No one has to know you didn't think of them...

They're full of farts!

And who does't love a book full of farts?!