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5 Things We Love about Graphic Novels!

Picture this!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

They have awesome artwork!

If you aren't a big reader then graphic books are for you! The pictures help to tell the story and enhance what you're reading about, so you can enjoy the story even more. The images can be super amazing and colourful and might even inspire to draw your own pictures! 

They're the perfect mix of books and films!

You get all the great graphics of films and all the great words from books so a graphic novel is the perfect combo! It's the perfect middle ground between the two. 

They can be read loads of times!

You can read and re-read a graphic novel as many times as you want! Every time you read it you'll notice something else about the story so it can even get better the more you read it. 

They can improve your reading skills!

If you struggle with reading then graphic novels can be a great way to learn! The pictures help narrate the story so you can get super used to reading more quickly!

Because comics are just awesome!

Here at Beano we just love comics so we're obviously a big fan of graphic novels!