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6 Of The Funniest Movie Farts

From glittery gas to 'orrible ogre odours, it's safe to say film-farts are funnier than real-life let-offs....

Movie stars are big business, but did you know they’re also big farters?

And for every big farter, there’s a big a big, farty film!

Think we’re just full of hot air? Well then, you should check out the video…

Because if there was an award for big bottom-burps on screen, these guys would be getting it.

From freaky ghouls and ghosts who can’t help getting gassy to tiny Trolls with glittery guffs, these pant-parps are the stuff of legend.

So if you want to hear how load a Shrek fart can get or see the wonders of the 21-gun salute with added farts, then you’ve come to the right place

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