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6 Super Cool and Useful iPhone Hacks!

Your iPhone is probably way cooler than you think it is! There are LOADS of hidden hacks you can try and the six hacks in the video are actually really easy for you to try yourself. Check it out and have a go!

There are loads of different iPhone hacks you can try out. In this video you can learn how to make your phone flash when you get a message, how to delete a text with a shake and how your phone and how your iPhone can help you make decisions!

Basically, if you thought iPhone’s were cool before you’ll think they’re even more amazing after this video!

Check it out and maybe try out some of the skills if you’ve got an iPhone.

After watching the video answer the poll below by selecting the skill you would most like the iPhone to have.

1. You can shake your phone to delete texts you don’t want to send!

Just make sure you don’t shake it by mistake when you’ve spent ages crafting the perfect joke to your friends. Boom! It’ll vanish and you’ll have to start over again. Aaaaargh!

2. If you use the calculator and want to erase a number just swipe left or right!

It’s like your finger is some sort of robot eraser. Cool!

3. If you want to know the name of a song, you can ask Siri!

Say goodbye to humming the chorus to your friends. Siri will take care of this in seconds

4. If you need to make a decision, you can just ask Siri to flip a coin!

Never spend ages agonising over making a choice ever again. Thanks technology!

5. You can easily make your phone flash when you get a notification!

It’s simple. Go to Menu > Accessiblity > LED Flash for alerts > Flash on silent and your phone will turn into a quiet miniature ambulance when you get a message! 

6. Your phone charges way quicker if you put it on airplane mode!

This is so handy when you’ve got 1% and have arranged to meet your friends. Like, in a bit

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