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How Much Do You Know About The 1960s?

How much do you know about this groovy decade? Test your 60s knowledge now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Good luck!

1/10 An astronaut

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land humans on the moon. Who was the first to set foot on the satellite?

2/10 An artist

Which artist declared that everyone would be "world-famous for 15 minutes"?

3/10 A civil rights icon

What is the name of this man who became a spokesperson for the civil rights movement?

4/10 A statue of a band from Liverpool

This is a statue of a very famous band from Liverpool. What were they called? 

5/10 A space hand sign

Which sci-fi TV series was first broadcast on Thursday, September 8, 1966?

6/10 England football shirt

In which year did England win the World Cup after beating Germany 4-2?

7/10 A leader of the African National Congress

Which South African leader was given a life sentence in 1964 and became leader of the African National Congress 30 years later?

8/10 Julie Andrews
Walt Disney | Robert Stevenson | Walt Disney Productions

Julie Andrews won an Oscar for her role in this 1964 film. What is it called?

9/10 An athlete in front of the USA flag

At the 1968 Olympics, who broke the world long-jump record by 21 inches?

10/10 A handful of coins

In October 1969, which coin was introduced to Britain's currency?

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