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7 Secret Google Hacks You Need to Know

7 Secret Google Hacks You Need to Know! If you know what to search for you can unlock the askew Google trick, Google Gravity, Pacman and more!

Did you know that by searching for certain keywords and phrases in Google you can make it do tricks? Here are 7 fun hacks that you can try on Google right away. 

Some involve the I’m Feeling Lucky button, which we’ve hardly ever pressed before. While some produce fun effects like a barrel roll or send things askew, others let you play awesome retro video games like Pacman for free. How cool is that?

Check out this list of some of the best Google hacks, and then head on over to our selection of the best ever Google tricks or our list of hidden Google games. Go Google!

Trick 1 – Barrel Roll

Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter or click search, and watch it roll! 

Trick 2 – Google Askew Trick

Type ‘Askew’ and hit enter or click search.

Trick 3 – Google Gravity

Type in ‘Google gravity’ then click I’m Feeling Lucky. Watch it drop! 

Trick 4 – Zerg Rush

Search for ‘Zerg Rush’ and hit Enter.

Trick 5 – Sphere

Type in ‘Google sphere’ and hit I’m Feeling Lucky. Then move your mouse around to make it spin! 

Trick 6 – Breakout

Search for ‘Atari Breakout’ then click Images on the results page. Then use the arrow keys or your mouse to keep the ball in play!

Trick 7 – Google Pacman

Type ‘Google Pacman’ and hit I’m Feeling Lucky. Then click Insert Coin and you’re playing Pacman! Eat all of the circles and avoid the ghosts. 

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