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7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Want to know some facts about Minecraft that you probably didn't know? Of course you do!

Do you want to know some fun facts about Minecraft that you probably didn’t know? Of course you do!

Find out how to tell the health of a wolf by their tail and what a Creeper’s worst nightmare is. Uncover the mystery of the Enderman language and discover plans of an epic sky dimension!

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the voice of the Ghasts or imagined how big a Minecraft block would be in real life?

Why not try some of these out for yourself next time you play Minecraft!

1. Minecraft was almost called “Cave Game”


2. There was originally plans for an epic Sky Dimension!

It eventually became The End though, so the idea wasn’t scrapped completely

3. You can tell a wolf’s health by their tail

Tails up = a healthy pup! Tails down = a low health hound!

Minecraft dogs

4. The Endermen language is just English played backwards

Or sometimes played forwards but in a very low pitch


5. The Ghasts are voiced by a cat!


6. Creepers are afraid of ocelots

A Creeper’s worst nightmare is a lot of ocelots!


7. 1 block = 1 metre cubed

Which means the chickens in Minecraft are 3ft! A 3ft chicken? That ridicul-…oh!


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