8 of the Best Minecraft YouTubers


He’s a cat. He likes cake. A lot. No list of Minecraft YouTubers would be complete without him.

Media by stampylonghead
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He’s Stampy’s best mate in Minecraft and in real life. They even have a joint YouTube channel called MagicAnimalClub!

Media by iBallisticSquid
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Dan Dan… DAN! He has brilliant hair, and he makes great videos.

Media by TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM
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Thinknoodles proves that to be a great YouTuber, you need a faithful hound by your side. All hail Kopi, the golden retriever!

Media by Thinknoodles
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PopularMMOs plays LOADS of Minecraft with his wife, GamingWithJen - and we get to see it all in his brilliant videos :)

Media by PopularMMOs
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Amy Lee

Amy Lee takes her Cute Recruits on daily Minecraft adventures, battling zombarios and skellies, all for the funsies

Media by Amy Lee
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Seth invents amazing Minecraft stuff with red stone circuits, like playable Space Invaders

Media by SethBling
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The Minecraft world is big, but how big? kurtjmac's series, The Far Lands or Bust, is a world record-breaking attempt to reach the edge of the map. If it exists...

Media by kurtjmac
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