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8 Questions About ZAYN’s Dusk Till Dawn

Ex-1D fella ZAYN 'ALL CAPS' MALIK has a new video out - and we have some questions...

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2017

1. What's in the briefcase?

£1,000,000 in shiny new pound coins? A gold-plated Beano issue no. 1? Or is it just a yellow lightbulb and some gold paint? You decide!

What's in the briefcase?

2. Who invited scarface?

You'd be grumpy too if you had a mush like that.

The grumpiest ugly villain

3. Has ZAYN nicked his dad's suit?

ZAYN's slightly oversized tropical suit is enough to make a dragon stop and stare! Ulp!

Even makes a dragon stop and stare

4. Is it too warm for a fur coat?

Whoever this mystery laydee is, she's got to be roasting under that much animal fluff.

Surely it's a bit too warm?

5. Reckon those are clean socks?

Surprise surprise - ZAYN swapped the briefcases and is now showing the police his dirty shreddies.

Clean socks, anybody?

6. Shall we drive safely to get away from the police?

Yeah, even in a high speed pursuit you need to look both ways before changing lanes. Just being safe here. Move along.

Changing lanes

7. Did you have a good deal on home insurance?

Must have been something good in that briefcase to be worth punching holes through his house!

Blow it up!

8. Where to next, Mr ZAYN?

Fancy a Nando's after such a hard day? Or shall we just drive into the sunset like movie stars? Right you are - chippy tea!

Sunset ahoy!