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8 Things We’re Excited About in the New Animal Crossing Game

The new Animal Crossing game - Pocket Camp, is all about the great outdoors, the romance of the open road and living in a van. Here some things about it that we're excited about!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 25th 2017

1. You get to run a campsite

Aaah...nothing beats that fresh outdoorsy air!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

2. This guy - Cyrus!

He may look like a Hunger Games Villain, but he can make you a bunch of furniture and cool stuff for your camp

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

3. You can boost your friendship levels with your animal pals

Finally, you can be the leader of a cool animal gang!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

4. You can catch bugs


Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

5. You can drive around and go hang out on the beach or something

Living the dream!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

6. You can shop for sick threads

Apparently from Sonic the Hedgehog's mum!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

7. You can customise the inside of your van

Make it a pink paradise, or the inside of a storage container - whatever your jam!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

8. These awesome bird bros

Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo are the the coolest dudes and will give your van a new lick of paint in a jiffy

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

9. You can build a pool and be worshipped forever

All hail the Chlorine Queen!

Nintendo Mobile | YouTube

10. It's the next best thing to actual camping with actual animals!

racoon attacks man

It comes out late November - all we have to do it wait...

Animal Crossing guy waiting by a hole