A Guide to Burns Night

It's Scotland's favourite poet's birthday!

Rabbie Burns

Burns Night is a day to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns. He was a big deal back in the 1700s. Here he is reciting one of his poems.

Ode to a Haggis

Rabbie's most famous poem is about the Haggis, a mysterious animal that is extinct everywhere except the coldest, wettest parts of Scotland - like Drippydeenshire or the Forest of Brrrrr

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The Haggis

The Haggis, or Haggis Scoticus, is a strange creature. One leg is shorter than the others, so all it can do is walk around in circles all day. This is a very rare sketch of a wild Haggis, drawn by the renowned wildlife illustrator Gordon McHamish.

Well... that isn't quite true. Haggis is actually a Scottish dish that's traditionally eaten on Burn's Night.

It's a type of meaty pudding made out of chopped up sheep hearts, liver and lungs that are cooked in a sheep's stomach with oatmeal and spices.

Looks, erm, yummy?

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