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Mamma Mia! Take A Chance On Our Abba Lyrics Quiz

The winner takes it all in our tricky Abba-tastic lyrics quiz! Test your knowledge of the words and music of these Swedish pop legends!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 14th 2023

Are you an ABBA expert? Only Super Troupers will score 10/10 on this pop-tastic lyrics quiz! The rules are simple, just try and guess the missing words from these glittering lyric clues. And soon enough we'll see how your Abba skills stack up. Ready to give it a go?

You'll be having the time of your life!


Money money money! But where?


The dancing Queen can dance, she can jive, she's... what?


A man after when?


And then what?

5/10 A map of the London Underground

Which of these London Underground stations is also an ABBA song?


The song Chiquitita is about the brand of bananas. True or false?


Don't ask us! Ask... who?


What's next?


Which of these noises comes next?


Why aren't they special?

@Abba | Youtube

Gasp! Uh oh! Well this is awkward... you are an ABBA fan, aren't you? Because with a score like this we don't know if we should laugh or cry (that's another ABBA joke by the way)! Ok - well you'd better try a different quiz then! We have lots more!

@Abba | Youtube

Pretty good! You're the dancing (quiz) queen! This isn't a high score, but you clearly know your ABBA songs! Do you think you could beat this score on a different music quiz? We have loads more for you to try!

@Abba | Youtube

Yeah! You really know your ABBA songs! You're the Quizzing Queen - having the time of your life! Well done! You almost got fullmarks bit don't worry about the one or two you missed... we have loads of other quizzes for you to try if you want to beat this score!

@Abba | Youtube

Amazing! This is the perfect score! You're a real ABBA expert! 10/10! You're a quizzing Super Trouper! Great work! Now, can you match this perfect score on a different music quiz? We have loads more!