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aCookieGod Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How much do you know about aCookieGod?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2022

What do you get if you cross the world’s most munchable snack with the worlds best computer game? You get ACookieGod, of course. How much do you know about this biscuit obsessed YouTube streamer? Once you’ve fully digested this quiz why not check out The Ultimate Minecraft Royale Quiz or -if you’re a real minecraft expert - take a look at The Impossible Minecraft Quiz!


What game does aCookieGod mainly play?

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2/10 What country is aCookieFrom?


What did aCookieGod do his wrist?


Which of these is an aCookieGod hobby?

@aCookieGod | YouTube

What massive structure is aCookieGod building out of leaves in this screeshot?

@aCookieGod | YouTube

What goes on the “Wall of Leaves”?

@aCookieGod | YouTube

What is ACookieGod doing in this picture?

8/10 A lion in the Kalahari

How does aCookieGod describe the colour of the Savannah Biome?


What was aCookieGod’s old name on YouTube?

@aCookieGod | YouTube

Which one of these is the real aCookieGodVideo?

@aCookieGod | YouTube

Crumbs! What a LOSER! You are definitely not an expert in all things ACookieGod!

@aCookieGod | YouTube

Not bad! You’re like a cookie with no chocolate chips. Still a cookie, just a little bit… whatever!

@aCookieGod | YouTube

Well done! You’re definitely an aCookieGod subscriber! Have a cookie to celebrate!

@aCookieGod | YouTube

GENIUS LEVEL! Amazing! You know so much about aCookieGod we think you might actually BE aCookieGod! Have a whole packet of biscuits to celebrate!