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Ultimate Alanna Herbert Quiz!

See how much you know about TikTok beauty superstar Alanna Lisia Herbert!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 30th 2024

If beauty and fashion content is your favourite kind of content, you've probably already heard of Alanna Herbert - and if you're already a fan, this is the quiz for you! See how well you know Alanna - you might be surprised how well you do! We've got other TikTok fun for you, too - learn all about Addison Rae, or learn ten fun facts about TikTok!


Where can you watch Alanna?


In which year was she born?


Where was she born?


Where does she live now?


What is her starsign?


What kind of content does she make?


When did she start posting on TikTok?


Who did she collab with in April 2024?


True or false - she is friends with Ziani Campbell?


How many likes does she have, as of April 2024?

Oops - looks like you need to brush up on your Alanna knowledge! Don't worry, you can always come back and have another go!

Not bad - you know Alanna pretty well! We bet you can do better though - why not try again and see?

Very good - you're one of Alanna's top fans! Well done! We bet you can get a perfect score next time - why not come back later and see?

A perfect score - wow! You're Alanna's number one fan for sure! Well done!