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Alaska Violet: Which Video Is Right For Me?

So many videos, so little time - let us help you decide!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 7th 2024

Alaska Violet is one of those Robloxers that really researches the builds they do! It’s isn’t often that you can learn new things when you’re flicking through YouTube, but with Violet Alaska you’re well on your way to an education in interior design and home decorating! But with so many videos to pick from, which is the one for you?!


What is your favourite building material?


What is the most important room in a house?


What do you start with on a Roblox build?


Where would you rather live?


In your dream house, what colour would the lightbulbs be?


How do you like to cover your floors?


Where would you build your dream home?


There is a crab in your living room, they weren’t invited - what do you do?


What would you use as a front door?


It’s cold outside but you haven’t got any firewood, what do you burn?

Alaska Violet | YouTube

Time Travel Interiors!

Amazing! This is one of Alaska's best videos, in this one they renovate their Roblox house in loads of different styles! With a spin of the wheel they might be making a room into a 1920s boudoir, a 1990s messy bedroom or even a stone age cave from 10,000BCE! You’re the kind of person that likes to know the story behind the objects in your life, so this video will be great! Check it out!

Alaska Violet | YouTube

Underground House!

Nice! In this video Alaska shows us how to build your dream underground house! After all, who hasn’t wanted to have their own sneaky hideaway below ground where you can have everything the way you want?! You’re the kind of person that sometimes likes to have their own space, so this video is perfect for you!

Alaska Violet | YouTube

Turning a Car into a House!

Nice one! This is a pretty neat result! In this video Alaska manages to turn a Roblox car into a whole house. Just like you, Alaska likes to take on big challenges, and just like you too, she manages to pull them off! So if you like Roblox under the pressure of space, give the video a watch!

Alaska Violet | YouTube

Xmas Treehouse!

Sure, we’ve all heard of treehouses, but how about one covered in baubles, tinsel and little flashing LED lights? Okay, now imagine you can live inside of that tree… That’s exactly what Alaska has done in this video, so if you like to see your house builds out of the ordinary in into a tree, then this video is for you! Give it a whirl!