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Alien Squelchy Things!

Squelchies and squelchies and squelchies galore!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 25th 2017

This is Professor Stephen Squelching...

Professor Squelching is Earth's top expert on alien Squelchy Things. Here are just some of the weird Things from another world he's seen through his Squelchy-scope...

Bluto from Pluto

Bluto can't help repeating himself, because he has two mouths. He's like a squelchy echo.

Poopiter from Jupiter

Poopiter wears a glass helmet to protect his beautiful hair. Jupiterians are very proud of their hair.

Zlatan from Saturn

Zlatan's raygun is actually a torch. It takes 3 AA batteries (which weren't included). Just don't tell anyone - he can't defend Saturn with a torch.

Skoon from the Moon

Skoon is smart. He stayed hidden when men walked on the moon and built a jet bike from the stuff NASA left behind!

Zeptune from Neptune

Zeptune lives in Neptune's Ocean of Squelchiness. It's just like the oceans here on Earth, but squelchier.

Check back soon to see if Professor Squelching has discovered even more Alien Squelchy Things!