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All About Ruby Rose!

Get to know your new favourite YouTuber - Ruby Rose!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

So who is Ruby Rose?

Ruby Rose is a young new YouTuber who makes loads of awesome videos. Her channel is managed by her Mum!

@ruby_rose_uk | Instagram

Awesome! So what's her YouTube account called?

Her account is called Ruby Rose UK and she started it in August 2017. Her account has grown SO rapidly since then!

@ruby_rose_uk | Instagram

She sounds cool - but what kind of videos does she do on her channel?

Ruby Rose does lots of different kinds of videos, but mostly slime DIY videos, reviews, unboxing and shopping hauls! 

And how many subscribers does she have?

Ruby Rose currently has more than 62,000 subscribers! Considering she only started her channel last year, that's a heck of a lot! Her channel has grown very quickly - in May this year she only had 25,000! That's less than half of what she has now! 

Ruby Rose UK | YouTube

So we've heard about her YouTube videos, but do we recognise her from somewhere else?

Yes! Ruby Rose is on a SO Beano episode! Ruby Rose appears alongside her bestie YouTuber Emmalaila123 in the show's Squishies episode. 

Ruby Rose UK | YouTube

Woah a TV show - that's sick! What was she doing on that?

Ruby Rose and Emmalaila123 play a Guess That Squishy game on the episode and also distract Nim with a bath of squishes and steal her chocolate cake! LOL!

Ruby Rose UK | YouTube

That's so cool! We'll defs be checking out more of her videos. Does she have any other YouTube accounts?

Yes! Ruby Rose has another account with her sister Raylee called RubyandRaylee. They do lots of cool sibling challenges and DIY videos. Their account has over 108,000 subscribers! Woah!

@ruby_rose_uk | Instagram

We think you're Awesome Ruby Rose!

@ruby_rose_uk | Instagram