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All in the Foley Family Trivia Quiz - Are You In?

Are you basically part of the family? Let’s find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 30th 2024

The Foley Family put every detail of their lives online, so if you’ve been concentrating you should be able to smash this quiz! So let’s see if you've been paying attention and put your skills to the test with this quiz all about the Foley Family! Let’s go! What are you waiting for?!


Which country are the Foley Family from?


What is Jayden’s sister called?


What is Everleigh’s second name?


What did Ava decorate for her 11th birthday?


When was Jayden born?


What is Dad’s first name?


Where did Ava go for her 10th birthday?


How old was Jayden when he first played T-Ball?

allinthefoleyfamily | YouTube

Who is Ava’s bestie?


What is the name of Ava and Everleigh’s duo team?

Alright! So this might not quite be the result you were looking for but that’s okay! You can always have another go and see if you can score higher? There are a LOT of videos to go through so don’t worry if some of the questions slipped past you - why not have another go and see if you can beat this quiz? Or of course, you could always try another quiz?

Pow! Now we’re talking! You know a lot about the famous Foley Family! You’ve clearly been paying attention to the family’s antics and it shows with this result! But shock horror, there is still room to improve, so why not have another try and see if you can do better? We’ll be waiting!

Blam! What a result! You’ve really done super well on this quiz! You should be really proud of yourself, there’s not much you don’t know about The Foley Family! You know so much about them you could even secretly be part of the family, maybe you’re a long-lost cousin? Who knows!!

Awesome! You know literally everything that there is to know about the Foley Family! With knowledge like this you can consider the Foley Family done and dusted! There’s simply nothing more to know about them! Well done! This means that now you're the champ, you can focus on something else? Why not check out some of the other facts and quizzes we’ve got on the site?