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All The Way To The Bank!

Can you get a bag of gold across the desert and safely into a bank? Choose your own adventure and control your financial destiny!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Good luck!

1/10 A bag of gold and a USA desert

You've been asked to deliver a bag of gold to a bank in a tough Wild West town. How will you travel there?

2/10 A red backpack with a secret package of gold

Maybe you should disguise the bag of gold. After all, there's lots of bandits who'd love to take it off your hands.

3/10 A man looking at his watch

What time of day will you set off?

4/10 A map

What kind of route will you take? 


The town appears on the horizon. Will you take a break before going to the bank?

6/10 A band

A group of bandits approach you. The leader want to know what's in the bag. How do you respond?

7/10 Horses chase across the desert

The bandits give chase. How will you avoid them?

8/10 Two bandits at the door

You arrive at the bank, but a couple of the bandits are blocking the entrance. How do you get inside the bank?


The bandits ask why you're going into a bank anyway. What do you tell them?

10/10 Bank staff

You've managed to get inside the build. How do you deposit the gold into the bank?


Mission complete! You braved the Wild West and used your smarts to get the bag of gold into the bank without any problems. Have a coin!


You set off on your mission with a heavy bag of gold. By the time you got to the bank, most of it was still there. Maybe the bandits sneaked off with a few coins!


Well, you set off with a full bag of gold and there's only a bit coins left in the bag. Did you go wild in the crisps store?


It seems that while the bandit asked you about banks and stuff, one of his sidekicks emptied your bag of gold and replaced it with lumps of cheese.

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