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Ancient Egypt Quiz That’s Harder Than A Mummy’s Toenail!

Find out how much do you know about Ancient Egypt with our Ancient Egypt quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2022

It’s not just the Internet that worships cats. The Ancient Egyptians were at it years ago. Anyway, if you’ve got a second, you’re definitely not too Anubisy for this quiz… It won’t take your Horus, but you might end up in denial about a bad score! Find out how much you know about Ancient Egypt. Hopefully you’ll get more points than a pyramid!


What river was crucial for Ancient Egyptians?


Which one of these isn’t an Ancient Egyptian God?


Which of these Ancient Wonders of the World is from Ancient Egypt?


Which of these Tutankhamun facts are false?


The word Pharoah translates as what?


The largest Pyramid is known as what?


7/10 Ra is the Ancient Egyptian God of what?


Ancient Egypt was sited on which present day continent?

9/10 A mummy at the disco

Which of these words is a process to preserve a body after death?


Ancient Egyptians invented toothbrushes. True or false?

Terrible Score. You’re in De Nile about your lack of Ancient Egyptian Knowledge!

Not Bad. A Pharoah Result considering you’re not an expert!

Anceint Egyptian Expert! You’re knowledge is certainly NOT Horusty.

Top Score. You’ve got more points than the pyramid have bricks! You’ve ACED our Ancient Egypt History Quiz