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11 Animal Fart Facts That'll Make Your Eyes Water!

Prepare to be blown away by these fart-tastic facts!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2023

You'd be surprised about how much research has gone into animal bottom burps. Unlike humans, many different types of animals use their stinky parps as tools and weapons to help them survive. Some of them seem to let off just for fun, just like us.

1. Honey badgers use farts to get their paws on delicious honey!

Honey badgers use their toxic guffs to immobilise bees so they can steal all their honey! We hope they don't let off near the actual stuff though.

2. Zebra farts are REALLY LOUD!

Zebra farts are so loud they can be heard from miles away! Try blaming that on the dog!

3. Blue whale fart bubbles are gigantic!

The blue whale can create a fart bubble so big you could fit a horse inside of it! 

4. Lemurs use their farts as fighting weapons!

Lemurs use their bottom blasts to have stink fights! They rub their hands in the stench and wave them at their enemies. The smelliest wins! 

5. Some animals physically can't guff!

Birds, octopuses and sloths can’t fart! They're welcome to join us on a long car journey at any time they please.

6. This snake uses its farts as a form of protection!

The Sonoran coral snake breaks wind to defend itself! It raises its tail in the air and lets one rip when danger is near!

7. Termites fart more than dads and that's a fact!

Termites pass gas so much they actually contribute to global warming! Every colony is made up of millions of tooting termites who let rip half a microgram of methane gas each day. The little stinkers are responsible for 3% of global methane emissions! 

8. Cows constantly let rip!

Because cows have four stomachs, they’re constantly blasting one off! They’re responsible for 14% of the world’s greenhouse gases each year!

9. Manatees use farts to help them float!

Manatees control their buoyancy by storing and releasing their parps! They have pouches in their intestines to store their ghastly gases! 

10. Seal farts smell absolutely awful!

According to zookeepers, the critters who let go the most revolting stink bombs are seals and sea lions. They smell like rotten fish! Never get into a lift with this lot, then. Ew!

11. Herrings chat to each other by farting!

Herring pump to communicate with each other so they can form shoals when predators are around – even in the dark!