Ready, Steady, Go! Watch These Animals Play Hide and Seek!

Are dogs as good at hiding as they are at finding stuff? And how do cats actually play hide and seek exactly?

Hide and seek is so simple, even your cat could play it. Or could they?

Let's look at the rules and find out how easy it really is to play...

Learn the basics...

It might be an easy game but there's always someone who gets the rules wrong.

Remember, just because you can't see them, it doesn't mean they can't see you.

Image by Steve Coo | YouTube

Find something to, er, find...

The most important thing about hide and seek is having something to find.

And if you can't find people, surely a nice chewable squeaky toy will do, right?

Image by growingNokc | YouTube

Make sure you have somewhere to hide...

And the hardest part of hide and seek? It's finding a good place to keep hide, that's what!

Some people are good at it while others? Well, they need a bit more help.

Image by Iva90 | YooTube

Get really good at seeking!

Most of us have to rely on our ears and eyes to find who's been hiding.

But some of us have the added benefit of a shiny, wet nose which means following a scent should be easy!

Image by Great Gatsby the Corgi | YouTube

Practice with your friends (or anybody you can find!)...

If you want to get good at anything, then practice makes perfect.

And if you're having trouble finding people to practice with, maybe you should think about making some new friends!

Image by Janet Farkas | YouTube

And lastly, remember to have fun!!

Winning? Losing? None of that matters as long as you're having fun!

So find yourself a great hiding place and let the games begin!

Image by BBC | YouTube

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