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Animals Without Necks

Many animals are well known for having necks, but what would they do if suddenly they didn't have them?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 7th 2017

This polar bear is embracing it

This Elephant, however, is a bit more grumpy about it

Looks like this camel has the hump about it too

Not having a neck won’t stop this sassy cat from doing its thing

Or stop these horses from being majestic

And these tigers just find it hilarious!

"Ha-ha! You look ridiculous, Tony!" "You too, Tabitha! Ha-ha!"

This fox looks a bit shocked though

As does this baby hippo

It might make look-out duty a little tricky for this meerkat

But this deer looks determined not to let it change him

And this German Shepherd is pure beauty

This giraffe, on the other hand, is not coping so well!

What are you doing in that tree, Giraffe? You okay?