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20 Short But Powerful Ant-Man Jokes! 

Here's a handful of short Ant-Man jokes with awesome punchlines!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

Ant-Man is our favourite dimension-hopping superhero. While he's probably prone to getting lost in deep carpets, there's no doubting his importance in the Marvel Universe. If you're after some big laughs based on the tiniest comic book hero, you've come to the right place!

Who keeps Ant-Man's outfit wrinkle free?

Iron Man!

What kind of car does Ant-Man drive? 

A Mini!

Why did Ant-Man not get a job as a butcher?

The steaks were too high!

Why did Thor stop hanging out with Ant-Man?

He kept bugging him!

What does Ant-Man call miniature golf?


A mouldy sandwich watches a game of golf

Why did Ant-Man laugh when he walked through the park?

The grass was tickling his armpits!

What does Ant-Man call his pet rabbit?

Bugs Bunny!

What do you call Ant-Man standing on a ship?

Ant and deck!

What does Ant-Man have for breakfast?

A croiss-ant!


Why is Ant-Man so good at telling jokes?

He’s a Marvel-lous comic!

Who looks after Ant-Man’s money?

His account-ant!

A man with a silly amount of cash

Why does Ant-Man have lots of old chairs? 

He loves ant-iques!

Why does Ant-Man always smell nice?

He uses deodor-ant!

What did Ant-Man say when he was given free pizza?


What do call Ant-Man when he can predict the future?


What did the doctor give to a poorly Ant-Man?


How did Ant-Man travel to hospital after hurting his foot?

In an ambul-ants!

Why doesn’t Ant-Man eat ice cream?

He’s lactose intoler-ant!

99 Flake ice cream

Where does Ant-Man go on holiday?


Why is Ant-Man such a good swimmer?

Because he’s boy-ant!