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10 Question Apex Legends Quiz!

Are you an Apex Legend? Do you know your supply drops from your waiting lobby? Let's test that knowledge and see if you've got what it takes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  June 25th 2022

Apex Legends is one of the coolest, slickest and challenging of all the 'Battle Royale' games - but how much do you know about the characters and gameplay of this amazing free-to-play game! So let's gear up and get out there!


What part of his body has Octane lost?

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

What is Lifeline's skill?

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

What is Bangalore's real name?


What is Wraith's knife called?


How many players in a game?

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Which character is a droid?


What is Fuse's skill?


What animal comes with Bloodhound into the competition?


Gibraltar is one of the best characters, but it's also a real world place! Where?


What animals famously live on Gibraltar?

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Oh no! It might be worth putting in some more play-time and getting to grips with the characters a bit! Don't worry, you can always retry/respawn on this quiz!

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Cool! Great job, you've got a very respectable score! You might not have won the whole game, but you're definitely in the top 3rd of the 60 players in the lobby! Nice work!

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

NICE! Well done! You're so close to winning the whole game, if only that last player hadn't been camping and caught you out! Why not log back in, gear up and see if you can get 100% this time!?

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Amazing! You've done it! After all this time! All those hours grinding you've finally won the whole round, nobody but you and your team is left! Congrats! Soak it up, bask in the glory - big wins like this don't come often!