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This Apple Watch Quiz Is Hands Down The Best!

This technology quiz is the one to watch! Test your smartwatch smarts with this technologically tricky timepiece quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 25th 2023

Are you obsessed with everything Apple? Then you'd better take a bite out of this handy smartwatch quiz! There's much more to these popular devices than telling the time, so read on to find out how much you really know about the Apple Watch! You'll have to be an actual Apple Genius to get full marks... you have been warned!

Ready to see how you stack up? Let's get quizzing!


Roughly how many people have an Apple Watch?


Which of these things can an Apple Watch NOT track?


The regular Apple Watch is made out of stainless steel. What's the sport edition made out of?


The newer models have a... what?


There's a version made out of actual gold! True or false?


How waterproof is the Apple Watch?


When did the first Apple Watch come out?

8/10 A man pointing at his watch

Can you buy new straps for the Apple Watch?


Do you need to have an iPhone to wear an Apple Watch?


What's the most expensive version of the Apple Watch?

Bah! This result is not your best work! Too bad! Fancy having another go and seeing if you can do better next time? If not there are lots more technology quizzes for you to try!

Not terrible! This result has mixed reviews! It could be a lot worse though, and you clearly know a few things about Apple products! Reckon you could score a bit higher the second time round? There's only one way to find out!

Wahoo! Very nice! Someone knows a lot about Apple Watches! Pssst... that someone is you! You didn't quite get full marks, but don't worry about it! Can you beat this score on a different technology quiz? We have lots more where this one came from!

Amazing! Are you an Apple genius? You must be with a score like this! Great work - the perfect score! Now, can you match this 10/10 on a different technology quiz? We have plenty more for you to try!