Archive: Beano Annual 1940 - The Very First Beano Book

Take a peek inside this rare wartime annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1940 Beano Annual

The first Beano comic was published in July 1938. It was such a hit that it was quickly followed by the Beano Annual for 1940. 

1940 Beano Book - Annual Cover

The Beano Book was 134 pages long, retailing at 2/6 (or two shillings and sixpence) which is about £15 in today's money! The book featured classic characters like Lord Snooty, Big Eggo, Pansy Potter, and Lord Snooty and his Pals. 

The first Beano Book - 1940

The very first annual comic strip was Big Eggo. Most of the annual was printed in just black ink - this page, and just 23 others, were printed with black and red ink. 

The First Big Eggo Beano Book comic strip - 1940 Annual

Just like today, annuals had comic strips, adventures stories, and activities in them too. Sometimes these strips would be a slightly funny shape - like crossing over the middle of the page!

Beano Annual 1940 - Big Eggo, Hairy Dan, Wee Peem
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