Archive: Beano Annual 1942 - The Third Beano Book

Take a peek inside the third wartime annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1942 Beano Book

This Beano Book was released for 1942, available for 3 shillings and sixpence, featuring fan favourite Big Eggo on the front cover.

1942 Beano Book - Annual Cover

Meet Tom Thumb

This annual had plenty of comic strips, jokes, and adventure stories. These adventure stories would have just one or two images per page, with a paragraph of text instead of speech balloons.

Beano Book 1942 - Tom Thumb

The White Mouse Will Get You!

Some stories would only have one illustration, followed by pages of words, like a regular book rather than a comic. Not every Beano character was a kid - some were adults, animals, or mythical creatures!

Beano Book 1942 - The White Mouse

Black and white? Or red and blue?

Only some of the pages were in colour - and even then would only use red and dark blue ink. This page also has some funny rhymes at the bottom, instead of jokes or adverts.

Beano Book 1942 - Hairy Dan

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