Archive: Beano Annual 1945 - The Third Magic-Beano Book

Take a peek inside the first post-war annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1945 Magic-Beano Book

The Magic and Beano comics combined their characters for a third year in a row during the war, due to paper rationing.

1945 Magic-Beano Book - Annual Cover

Annual Opportunities

Because of the size of annuals, they were great opportunities for crossover strips or one-off drawings and designs. The intro to the book has a body swap between Koko and Eggo, courtesy of the Magic Lollies!

Beano Book 1945 Annuals - Koko, Eggo, and the Magic Lollies

Jimmy and His Magic Patch

This annual had almost as many adventure story pages as it did comic strips. This was the first Beano Book appearance of Jimmy, whose mended trousers let him travel through time!

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