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Take a peek inside this 1950's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1957 Beano Annual

This annual would have been designed in 1955, nearly 18 months in advance of it being published for late 1957. This action-packed cover has a reverse side to match - scroll to the end to see the other half of the pitch.

Cover - Beano Book 1957 Annual

Welcome Grandpa!

After Grandpa's first 1955 appearance on Beano pages, he would stick around for nearly three decades, before finally moving to the Beanotown retirement home.

Grandpa - Beano Book 1957 Annual

Say hello to Scrapper!

During the 50's, lots of new characters were published to flesh out the Beano cast with more characters like Dennis, Minnie, and Roger. Scrapper was a short lived character, only making a couple of Annual appearances.

Scrapper Beano Book 1957 Annual

The Iron green?

Green ink was used very rarely in Beano annuals due to cost, this set of pages is only one of a handful to ever use green. Danny piloted the Iron Fish for nearly two decades, from appearing in the early 50's to the late 60's.

Reverse Cover

It looks a lot more chaotic on this side of the pitch!

1957 Beano Book Annual

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