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Take a peek inside this 1960's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1963 Beano Annual

It's a swinging good time in this Beano Book! The Bash Street Kids take centre stage, in a rare appearance of an annual lacking Dennis or Biffo.

Jimmy and his Magic Patch

Time-travelling Jimmy makes his final appearance in the 1962 Annual, after sporadic occasional weekly appearances. Although this strip is new, the weekly publications sometimes relied on older material.

The Danger Twins (in Green!)

A successor to the Danger Man strip, this was the only solo appearance of the Danger Twins. Unusually, these pages used green ink, a colour that only appears one other time, in the Beano Book 1957.

Danger Twins (in green) - Beano Book 1962

Essays from the Bash Street Kids

This is a very rare glimpse at the homework of Class 2B - rare because it's been handed in at all!

Essays from the Bash Street Kids - Beano Book 1963 Annual

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