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Take a peek inside this 1960's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1967 Beano Annual

It's a Beano parade being led by General Jumbo! But some of the characters look a little different - did you spot Minnie's yellow stripes, Spotty's red tie, or Toots and Sidney's red jumpers?

"High Jinks With a Bunch of Beano Readers"

This double-spread page imagines the kind of mischief that Beano readers get up to in between issues!

"High Jinks With a Bunch of Beano Readers" - Beano Book 1967 Annual

Pete's Perky Pups

This trio of cute canines cause mischief for their owner, whether it's bath time or sleepy time. This was their first and last appearance in the Beano annuals - pups grow up quickly!

8 Pages for Puzzlers

This first page of 8 uses green ink, a rare appearance during this era due to the mix of cyan and yellow ink, and are introduced by Beano regulars Punch and Jimmy!

Dennis the Menace at the ink factory

This colourful mishap means that Dennis makes a rare appearance in blue and black stripes, rather than red.

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