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Take a peek inside this 1970's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1970 Beano Annual

The 1970 Beano Book cost 8/6. It looks like Biffo got hungry for a real ice lolly, and bit off the corner! Actually, the notch on the front cover is from an old archive storing method at DC Thomson, Beano's publisher.

Beano Book 1970

Comic conundrum!

The 1970 Beano Book opens with a baffled Biffo who doesn't know what's happening! 

Beano Book 1970 - Welcome Page

Bean-o busy?

Lots of annuals had activities and crafts on their pages, like this one. How many can you guess correctly? Flip your screen upside down if you can't figure out the answers!

Beano Book 1970 - Spot the place names


A very yellow set of 15 pages focus on the Q-Bikes, an illustrated adventure strip drawn by Andy Hutton. Click through for the full story, and see if your rusty childhood bike ever met their safety suggestions!

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