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Take a peek inside this 1970's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1975 Beano Annual

Beano Annuals were released in time for Christmas, perfect for chilling out on snowy evenings by the fire!

Beano Book 1975 - Snow Covered

Meet Tom, Dick, and Sally!

This troublesome trio were in Beano  from 1975 to 1986. Beano annuals were usually created a full year before their publishing date, so this strip may have been drawn in 1974.

General Jumbo

General Jumbo was one of the last adventure stories in Beano. Since the 50's, Jumbo and his radio-controlled army of toys made regular comic appearances, later moving exclusively to the annuals.

General Jumbo - Beano Book 1975 Annual

Goodnight pups!

The Bash Street Pups say goodnight at the end of this annual. Rather than the communal kennel where they play, this is a rare glimpse at where they actually sleep!

Goodnight Bash Street Pups - Beano Book 1975 Annual

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