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Archive: Beano Annual 1977

Take a peek inside this 1970's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1977 Beano Annual

An apple a day keeps Dad away - that's how it goes, right?

Hope it's to your taste!

The Three Bears welcome us to this annual with a three-panel introduction.

Meet Ball Boy

Two years after his first appearance in the weekly Beano comic, Ball Boy gets into the Beano annual. Even though there's only one panel of him playing footie, Beano readers would definitely relate!

Perfect Pets

This annual had a series of pets that are the PERFECT fit for your Beanotown favourites.

  • Perfect Pets - Billy Whizz - Page 1 - Beano Annual 1979
  • Perfect Pets - Wee Ben Nevis - Page 2 - Beano Annual 1979
  • Perfect Pets - Roger the Dodger - Page 3 - Beano Annual 1979
  • Perfect Pets - Three Bears - Page 4 - Beano Annual 1979
  • Perfect Pets - Ball Boy - Page 5 - Beano Annual 1979

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