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Take a peek inside 1980's Beano annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1980 Beano Annual

The 1980 annual was the first time Biffo the Bear did not appear on the cover, with Dennis and the Bash Street Kids taking over the playing field.

Beano Book 1980 Annual Cover

Double Sided Menace Mask

In an effort to minimise the damage caused by cutting out Beano activities, these back-to-back masks were printed on either side of the same page.

Thousands were wearing these badges!

Seriously - the Dennis the Menace Fan Club was in full swing in the 80's, heralded on T-shirts, posters, and - most importantly - badges.

Dennis the Menace Fan Club badges


The Bash Street Kids Annual debuted in1980, and continued to appear every year until 2010 - 30 years and still Class 2B couldn't graduate!

Bash Street Kids Annual - Beano Book 1980

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