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Take a peek inside this 1980's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1988 Beano Annual

What better way to celebrate fifty years of Beano than with a good old paint fight?

Beano Book 1988 Annual

Welcome to Beano Towers

Contrary to this depiction, the Beano comic is not published in a building with tiny square windows and a skyscraper skyline. In fact, it's always been written in Dundee, the home of British comics!

Meet Calamity James

The unluckiest kid in Beanotown makes his first appearance in a Beano annual, having debuted in the comic 2 years prior. Annuals were written 18 months in advance of publishing, so James must have been a big hit early on!

Brain of Beano

Test your retro comic knowledge! Some of these answers would be different to a current Beano reader - Roger no longer has a pet crow, and Billy lives in Beanotown. How many did you score?

Brain of Beano Beano Book 1988 Annual

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