Archive: Beano Annual 1994

Take a peek inside this 1990's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1994 Beano Annual

Beano Book 1994 Annual

The Beano Birds

A running joke across all the Beano annuals is to draw the characters as different animals. This year, they've been turned into birds, which is closest you could get to going on Twitter in 1994.

Go Granny Go!

Although Dennis's gran may now be quite familiar to readers, one of her earliest renditions was her own comic strip that ran during the 90's. Here's her Beano Book debut, illustrated by Sid Burgon!

A new look for Billy Whizz

Billy Whizz received a lightning-bolt tracksuit and new colour scheme when David Parkins took over as artist for a decade-long run during the 90's.

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Check out more archive annuals from the 90's!

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