Archive: Beano Annual 2000

Take a peek inside this 2000's annual, filled with jokes and comic strips!

2000 Beano Annual

Brand-new century? Brand-new Beano! In fact, a whole new millennium of fun started with this Beano Annual - what's not to love?

Biffo's Silent Comedy

Biffo the Bear was enjoying a run of comics which had no dialogue at this time. Drawn by Sid Burgon, they have a vintage charm. 

Biffo the Bear - Beano Book 2000 Annual

Hello Bea!

Be-afraid of Dennis's sister Bea! Although she was born in 1998, this is her first appearance in a Beano annual.

Little Baby Bea - Beano Book 2000 Annual

Millenium Chrome Dome

Sometimes a comic can be dated more by its content than the year on the cover! For you younger readers, that's a picture of the O2, formerly known as the Millennium Dome.

Bea's Millenium Chrome Dome - Beano Book 2000 Annual

Even Steven

After a short run in the weekly Beano during 1999, this character made his only Beano annual appearance in 2000.

Even Stevens - Beano Book 2000 Annual

The Beano Stars Cruise Round the World (Bend)

Check out this super-sized strip from the 2000 Annual. The whole cast are kids, just like our readers! This summer, they head to Australia to go see the Sidney Olympic games.

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