Archive: Beano Annual 2001

Take a peek inside this 2000's annual, filled with jokes and comic strips!

2001 Beano Annual

Beano pops into the 3rd dimension this year, with this mixed media adventure set in space.

Check out Dennis in 3-D!

This "Robot Rumble" story was one of a few Beano pieces in the early 2000's to have parts of the artwork rendered in 3D. Building each element was time-consuming and challenging for the artist, David Parkins. 

Gordon Bennett!

One of Beanotown's short-lived troublemakers makes one of only two Annual appearances in 2001, where a hypnotist turns him into a dog! Gordon returned briefly in 2005.

Gordon Bennett - Beano Annual 2001

Fun and Games with Dennis the Menace

Text stories very rarely appeared in the weekly Beano comic during this period, but occasionally the annual would include an extra-special example as a special treat.

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