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Take a peek inside this 2000's annual, filled with jokes and comic strips!

2002 Beano Annual

With Dennis and Gnasher smashing through a pop-art poster, this is the Beano Annual where things get different!

Dennis the Menace in Robot's Revenge

The 2001 Annual had a robot on the cover - this year it gets its revenge!

Splodge - the Naughtiest Goblin

One of the lesser-known inhabitants of Beanotown's mystical forest was this tiny goblin. Splodge originally appeared in The Topper, and he only made a few Beano appearances before vanishing back into the trees.

Splodge the Goblin - Beano Book 2002 Annual

Beano - The UK's Sweetest Smelling Comic!

Beano's secondary characters are finally fed up not having their own pages! They take their complaints to the Editor himself, but then take matters into their own hands! Enjoy this alternative look at what Beano might have been.

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