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Are You Actually a Snowmenace? Quiz

Are you exactly like the star of the new Beano Boomic The Abominable Snowmenace? Find out by taking this blam quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2024
1/10 A person snacking on popcorn

Let's watch a film. You can choose!

2/10 Woman in red beret

Where would you most like to spend a day out?

3/10 99 Flake ice cream

What's your favourite dessert?

4/10 A farting man

Which of the following describes the nature of your farts?

5/10 A skier going quickly down a mountain

What's your favourite sport?

6/10 A suitcase with a tag which reads 'The Moon'

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

7/10 A person thinking

How would you describe your style?

8/10 A burst of colour

What's your favourite colour?


How do you greet people normally?

10/10 A singing dog and man joining in

What's your favourite kind of music?

1 per cent Snowmenace

You are: 1% Snowmenace!

Everyone is like a snowmenace in some way, there's no getting away from that fact. But in general, you're a regular person who tends not to break wind everywhere. And you're human, too.

34 per cent Snowmenace

You are: 34% Snowmenace!

You have a little bit of white fur and occasionally do loud bottom burps, but you're able to blend in with people in your street without any problems.

72 per cent Snowmenace

You are: 72% Snowmenace!

From a distance, we'd say you are 100% snowmenace but on closer inspection, you only possess a number of their qualities. You still look like a Yeti, though.

100 per cent Snowmenace

You are: 100% Snowmenace!

Yep, no doubt about it. You're a snowmenace and that's a scientific fact. Please open a window if you must make a smell.

The Abominable Snowmenace Boomix