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Are You KSI or PewDiePie?

There's a lot of Youtubers out there - but which of these two big hitters is most like you? KSI or PewDiePie? Find out in this epic Youtuber face off!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 7th 2022

Are you more like KSI or PewDiePie? One of the most succesful and famous Youtubers ever, or an up-and-coming popstar and the biggest name in the Sidemen? There's no time to waste - answer these epic Youtube quiz questions and we'll tell you which one of these mega-famous Youtubers is most like you!

Ready? Go!


Pick a snack:

PewDiePie | Youtube

What video would you rather make next?

KSI | Youtube

Choose a video title!

PewDiePie | Youtube

How would you say hello to an old friend?


What pet would you rather have?


Which of these is the better hobby?


Pick a city in the UK:


How important is the number of Youtuber subscribers you have?


Would you rather be:

Sidemen | Youtube

What do you prefer?

KSI | Youtube

You're KSI!

You're one of the original Sidemen and one of the big rising stars of the internet. Originally from London, you can do everything from gaming videos to pranks, and silly vlogs to professional music videos! Would you still rather be PewDiePie? Weird... but you can always give this quiz another go and see if you get a different result!

PewDiePie | Youtube

You're PewDiePie!

You're THE biggest Youtuber and one of the most important people in Youtube history. PewDiePie get the number one spot all the way back in 2013, and has always had a really loyal fanbase. He is pretty controversial though, and for every person who loves him there's probably another who thinks he takes it a bit too far. Would you rather be KSI? Take this quiz again and see if you end up with a different result!