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Are You Milli or Megan Mcloughlin?

Which one of the Mcloughlin sisters are you? Take our ultimate personality quiz and see if you're more of a Milli or a Megan! Which one will you be?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Are you Milli or Megan? Find out with our special personality quiz!

1/12 Peony with face

Pick a flower

2/12 The Squad
Piper Rockelle | YouTube

Pick a Squad member

3/12 Woman in field with cow

Pick a style

4/12 Woman scratching her head on yellow background with blue question mark

Pick a platform

5/12 Raven and bat on night time background

Night or day?

6/12 Rose quartz with goofy face and yellow splat on white background

Pick a gemstone

7/12 Goofy dog face on autumn leaf background

Pick a season

8/12 Snail with goofy face and yellow splat

Choose an bug

9/12 Lef hander writing on notepad with cat face and light up arrow

Are you left handed or right handed?

10/12 Light up arrow pointing to people doing a dance for TikTok video

Pick a TikTok dance

11/12 Cake and Icecream with faces on spotted background with blue question mark

Ice Cream or Cake?

12/12 Woman fanning herself on white background with cartoon fire and screaming beachball

Always too hot or always too cold?

Milli Result
@mcloughlin sisters | TikTok


You're Milli! You're determined, competitive and you really believe in yourself. You love being organised and planning ahead. You value friendship above all else and love fashion!

Megan Result
@mcloughlin sisters | TikTok


You're Megan! You're kind, caring and creative! You love being independent and you're never afraid to voice your opinions. You prefer being a bit of a tomboy but you love to dress up too!