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Are You Sure These Dinosaurs Aren’t Real?

These look-a-like lizards are terrifyingly convincing!

If you love dinosaurs, then you’ll LOVE these raw-some super realistic costumes.

In fact, they might even bit a bit too convincing!

There’s one absolutely huge dinosaur robot! You’d be terrified if you saw it!

They literally look so real…Which is why they’re so great for pranking people.

There’s one hilarious prank on Chris Pratt from Jurassic World. Some YouTubers make him jump when he’s least expecting it and his reaction is hilarious!

Would you be scared if you saw these dinosaurs in real life? Watch the video now to find out!

And if you think these dastardly dinos might give you a fright, here’s a handy guide to help you spot the real lizards from the look-a-likes!

They can’t climb

It’s not just because they’ve got little hands! If you see a dinosaur struggling to climb a slide, it must be a fake!

They’re a bit good at bouncing

Ever seen a T-Rex on a trampoline? No, us neither! It’s got to be pretend!

They’re terrible dancers!

You know that bit in Jurassic World when the Velociraptors do the Floss? Of course not, raptors can’t Floss! So if you see a dancing dino, you know it’s not real!

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